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D. G. Desk
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D. G. Desk

T.V. Ravi

Dear Esteemed Member of EPCES,

I am glad to inform that our Council has completed 13 successful years in the service of the exporting fraternity and in working for the promotion of theEOU/SEZ Sector.

EOUs and SEZs are engines of economic growth of our country. Apart from earning valuable foreign exchange for the country, this sector is contributing tonational, regional and sub-regional development of the country. It is with a great sense of satisfaction, we note that exports from EOU/SEZ Sector since2002-03, when EPCES was established, has risen from Rs.33,647 crores to Rs.5,62,573 crores in 2014-15 registering a remarkable growth of 17 times in a spanof 12 years. This sector also generates jobs for over 17 lakhs people in our country.

I am glad to inform that EPCES is continuing the process of publishing a book every year, which incorporates Notifications/Circulars, relating to EOUs, SEZ Units and SEZ Developers, issued by CBEC, CBDT, DGFT, RBI, updated SEZ Act & updated SEZ Rules. On the occasion of 13th Annual General Meeting of EPCES to be held in September, 2016, the 12th Edition of EPCES Book on Notifications will be released. We will send a complimentary copy of this book to our members. The book is very useful to the members in their smooth day-to-day functioning. This helps in bringing about uniformity in procedures at all the places. In the last13 years, this book has been of immense help to EOUs/SEZs/SEZ Developers as well as field formations of Development Commissioners, Customs and Central Excise authorities and has been appreciated by all concerned.

In order to publicise the concept of SEZ Scheme abroad and for attracting foreign investments in SEZs in India, EPCES regularly participates in trade fairs/exhibitions abroad. In this regard, Ministry of Commerce & Industry has approved Action Plan of EPCES for participation in trade fairs/exhibitions in Mauritius, Kenya, Colombia and Germany during the year 2016-17 under Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme of MOC&I.

I request the members to take advantage of these opportunities by participating in these export promotion activities of the Council abroad and also availthe benefits of Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme. The details of the export promotion activities abroad during the year 2016-17 have been published inthis issue of the bulletin.

EPCES also intends to organise Road Shows in national and international market for bringing investments into SEZs and it will continue to organise export promotion activities in India and abroad for the benefit of its members.

I seek active participation and cooperation of all our members in strengthening EPCES which would enable it to effectively take up the issues of EOUs/SEZs with the concerned Government authorities.